Buy credits to play the game

Buy credits to play the game. The cost is £1 per week. You can top up to play for 5, 10 or 20 weeks.

PayPal takes 30p plus 2.9% of the fee (hence the increased cost of paying this way)

If you don’t want to pay the PayPal fee, send £5, £10 or £20 to and I will manually credit your account



Predict the score of the Premier League fixtures throughout the season

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Saturday 12:30

Show your skills and get your name on the leaderboard.

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Weekly Winners

Week 1: Peter [£7.50] - 15 points

Plenty of prizes to be won. Well, some prizes anyways.

1st £39.33
2nd £15.13
3rd £6.05

The rules are simple. Here’s how to play.

£1 per week per player to play
Predictions must be submitted before the kickoff of the first fixture in that week
Points are scored as following: Exact draw: 5 points Exact score: 4 points Correct outcome: 1 point
60% of the weekly income will go to player with highest weekly score (or split if joint winners)
40% of the weekly income will go to overall winner’s pot 1st - 65% | 2nd - 25% | 3rd - 10%

The fun starts here.